Visit LIFE National Contact Point from Spain, Lithuania and Estonia

On the 28/03/2017, CARTIF carried out an event for LIFE projects dissemination. The invited participants were the NCPs of three different countries Spain, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as several representatives from the Environment Ministries  of the mentioned countries (24 attendants), besides some of the CARTIF personnel involved in this kind of projects, 32 attendants in total.

The aim of the event was the showing and explaining the different projects in which CARTIF currently takes part (topics, objectives, development and current state of the project) as well as transfer the acquired knowledge through our experience in this kind of projects. A presentation of LIFE COLRECEPS was made.

The subjects we dealt with during the meeting were: preparation of successful proposals, project management (technical and administrative issues and tips), emerging trends in LIFE Programme, examples of CARTIF coordinated projects and role and function of NCPs.

Finally, a visit to the labs, pilot plants under development and centre facilities was made.

The results of the debate and dissemination session were very satisfying, since new networking relationships were established, so new partners incorporation from these countries to the LIFE programme will be possible in a near future, as well as the elaboration of new LIFE projects together, in which CARTIF may have a propelling role. In addition, CARTIF was disseminating the thematic topics we work in and the partners usually sought.

This is second visit that we receive from NCPs from different EU countries; the first was NCP from Bulgaria on the 14/12/2016 (see the new).

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