QuercusIDI is no longer part of the project consortium on 8/31/2016

The main objective of Quercus IDI was established with the objective of providing entities with solutions to their R+D+i projects taking into account the entire process: starting with the identification of the innovation need of entities, shaping it into ideas that are implemented through projects and managing these projects from its submission until all the process is finished.

Quercus IDI promotes R+D+i within public and private bodies with the aim of improving their competitiveness, offering a full service in project management and searching financial opportunities for their R+D+i activities.

In addition, Quercus IDI is committed to preserving natural resources. With this purpose, Quercus IDI identifies and evaluates the effects on the environment of the activities performed trying always to improve them and to avoid pollution. Due to their wide experience in project management, the participation of Quercus IDI in this project will support its dissemination.