-Project Coordinator-

CARTIF Foundation is a technological center which is specially focused on applied research. Its main objective is to enhance the technological potential of enterprises, so they are able to develop new products and processes which will also help them to improve their competitiveness.

CARTIF covers a broad range of scientific disciplines which allow them to offer optimal solutions to the enterprises.

CARTIF has participated in international activities since it was established, and has collaborated with several international agents in the development of some innovative activities. CARTIF also belongs to different European technological platforms in which it performs a wide range of activities.

One of the research lines in the Environment field is the recycling and revalue of waste, and specially the chemical recycling of plastic waste in order to produce recycled products minimizing the need of using non-renewable resources.

Other of the research lines is the study of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the Eco-Design Strategies. Both provide eco-innovative solutions that allow enterprises to implement and improve their Environment Management Systems.