caja-eps-recicladaThe main objective of the COLRECEPS Project is to create a new management model that will allow a decrease in the amount of EPS generated in Valladolid and that nowadays is put in landfills through its collection, recycling and reuse. Through this process, the life cycle of expanded polystyrene is closed, giving an added value to this waste.

Apart from this general objective, there are many others specific objectives that will be tried to be achieved through the implementation of the COLRECEPS Project:

  • To get reliable data about the generation of EPS in the urban zone of Valladolid through the study of the amount of waste generated and to create the first database being pioneers in knowing all the information about the production of this waste.
  • To establish a logistic system for collecting and treating EPS waste.
  • To treat more than a 50% of the EPS waste generated in the urban zone of Valladolid, avoiding the 100% of the amount of EPS waste that is put in landfills and the 100% of EPS waste that is incinerated.
  • To build and implement a prototype plant for the recycling of EPS with a capacity of 500 kg of wasted EPS per day, avoiding 146,000 kg/year of the wasted EPS that is put in landfills and 36,500 kg/year of the wasted EPS that is incinerated. This will revalue the 100% of the amount of waste that is feed to the plant.
  • To obtain a recycled EPS of a quality enough to be used as raw material for the manufacture of new EPS products with high value, such as food containers. These new products will be analyzed to check if they meet all the requirements needed to be used in the food sector. In addition, they will be designed specifically for the consumer with better properties than those usually used.

If the model obtained is economical and environmental feasible, the recycling process of EPS will be scaled-up to industrial level.