Participation LIFE COLRECEPS in the X Anniversary of CEIP Margarita Salas

Event Details

LIFE COLRECEPS team participated in a diffusion workshop for the school students CEIP Margarita Salas in Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid) due to the celebration of their X Anniversary.

The workshop had two parts, the first was the construction, with the students of the school, of a model of a DNA molecule with EPS, in honor of the researcher Margarita Salas who was visiting the school. The second part was a theoretical – practical workshop to lern how to recycle the expanded polystyrene. For this, a presentation and an experiment were made so that the students know that EPS is a recyclable product.

This workshop aims to make children aware of the importance of recycling to achieve a sustainable economy.

The images of this event can be seen in the section of Image Gallery.

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