LIFE+ Future of Sustainability Strategies in Europe

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On 18 June 2015, CARTIF and EFE Verde organized the “Life+. Future of Sustainability Strategies in Europe “, where the CARTIF team presented its experience in the LIFE projects in which they are working, which cover the energy, water and waste axes, carrying out networking. Susana Magro, the Spanish Office of Climate Change of the Ministry of the Environment, opened the event, included two discussion tables.
In the first, more technical, the role of technology centers in the Life Program was discussed and in it, Alicia Aguado presented the LIFE COLRECEPS project and the progress made in the first half of the project. At the second table, Esteban Pérez ofTurqueplast commented the benefits of the LIFE program to companies from their experience within the project.

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Video of the event:

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