II workshop about plastics, recycling and sustainability

Event Details

AIMPLAS and CICLOPLAST have organized the second workshop about plastics, recycling and sustainability that will be held on the 20th of November in Madrid.

With more than 125 professionals from the plastic sector participating in the first workshop, the aim of this event is to analyze and to debate the novelties and opportunities related to the plastic sector taking into account sustainability, circular economy, i.e. re-using and recycling wasted products with the purpose of having 0 plastic waste in landfills.

The event, that will take place in the Garrigues auditorium of Madrid, will join Public Bodies and some specialist from the industrial, economical and scientific sector who will try to provide an answer to the technological and legislative questions and concerns of the actual context.

The event will be divided into three different parts.

  1. First part: Towards a circular economy in the new legal context. Public bodies will share their experience in waste management focus on reducing the amount of plastic that is put in landfills.

  2. Second part: Evolution and trends in plastic recycling in different sectors. Different recovery techniques will be discussed.

  3. Third part: Innovative initiatives to avoid plastics end in landfills. With this aim, several companies will take part in this event showing their initiatives.

All the information about this event and the registration form are available at the following website.

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